Places to study

Yvonn | 22 hours ago

June holidays are here but school is not over. While it is a period for relaxing and having fun, it’s also the best time for catching up with studies and preparing yourself before the new term comes along. Studying at Starbucks is definitely 10x more interesting than studying in library or school, but since it’s June Holidays… Why not travel out a little? To switch things up a little for you, we have shortlisted a few good cafes for you to explore with your friends!


For the KPOP fans, this place is going to be a heaven for you. Coffeesmith is a coffeechain from Korea - somewhat like a “Starbucks” in Korea, except that it plays Korean songs all day long. Might be a little overbearing for those who are not into kpop but there’re always earpieces so this should not be a big problem after all.

Open till 3 am on weekdays and 24/7 on weekends (perfect for overnight mugging!), the cafe serves delicious coffee with sweet treats to keep you company while you study. Give their sweet potato latte a try, you’ll be surprised by how the combination works out! For a little break, you can have a quick shopping with your friends at Denki in the basement for some Japanese goodies and snacks to reward yourself for a day of hardcore mugging!

Address: #01-09/09A, Gateway, 277 Orchard Rd, 238858

The Book Cafe

The name pretty much does its job in explaining itself - A library without the constraints of you discussing with your friends while having a cup of good coffee with a Macadamia Nuts Brownie or a plate of Eggs Benedict. One of the best places for book lovers, this cafe is conducive for studying and reading. 

Address: #01-02, 20 Martin Rd, Seng Kee Building, 239070

Cafe & Meal at Muji Plaza Sing

Planning an entire day out with your friends? Dhoby Gaut is a one-stop for all. There’s Golden Village at Plaza Sing and the Grand Cathay a few miles away from the MRT for those who fancy a movie, there’s The Minds Cafe or Playnation at Prinsep Street for those keen in playing some games with friends and plenty of shopping opportunities in the two malls. Not to forget, there’s Cafe & Meal Muji sitting in the basement of Plaza Sing - perfect for your friends and you who want to do a little work before or after a day of fun! (On a separate note, their stationary corner is the best place to restock your stationery for the new semester)

Address:  68 Orchard Road #01-10/17Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839