5 study tips to survive through the year!

Yvonn | 22 hours ago

With a blink of the eye and we are now approaching midyear of 2018. School work is taking a toll on you and we know all those new year resolutions are either long forgotten or they may seem so far and unattainable now. But everything starts with good health habits and June holidays is the best time for your mind to reset and allow your body to be in the best condition it can be for the rest of the year! 

Organise your workspace

After a hectic period of studying for the exams, the study table is bound to be a disaster with all the stationeries and notes laying around. While you may be hating on the thought of touching them, this may be a life saviour when your second semester starts. Desk organisation brings you clearer perspectives, reduces stress and save you time from finding your favourite blue highlighter that’s buried deep underneath all your books and notes. 

Use mindmap, flowchart and diagrams

Drawing and breaking down big concepts into diagrams with lesser words help you to visualise better. These will link and group concepts in the different subjects together with the natural associations. It is also the best time to allow your creativity to run wild with all the colour pens! Adding colours to mind maps, diagrams and flowcharts have been proven to be able to boost memory and enhance cognitive processes. 

Explain your answer to others

Teaching someone is the best way for you to arrange your thoughts mentally in your head before explaining to others. Instead of relying purely on memory, understanding and having a clear thought process benefit in the long run for you during exams. 

Snack on brain food

Instead of snacking on chocolates, ice cream, potato chips, instant noodles and drowning yourself in coffee, switch them with walnuts (help to boost memory), blueberries (help to maintain brain function and improve memory), avocado (help to promote a healthy flow of blood to the brain) and pumpkin seeds (help in healthy brain development and improve mental health) It could be a yogurt bowl with blueberries, a sandwich with avocado, or cereal with walnuts and pumpkin seeds - healthy food, healthy mind. 

Drink plenty of water

Your parents have probably nagged at you thousands of times to keep yourself hydrated at all times. But do you truly know how water affects your brain? If you often face struggles in trying to focus, memorise or cope with headaches, depression and stress, try increasing your water intake! Think of water as the fuel for your brain. It gives the energy for your brain functions and your brain does not store water so it’s extra important to ensure you are hydrated throughout the day.